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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Make great, awesome YouTube videos! Well, at least that's what blogger/entertainer Jenna does.

I've recently subscribed to JennaMarbles on YouTube! Yay. Her videos are beyond funny (cause most of them are true!). I really like how she's very spontaneous and her facial expressions and voice varies and still look funny (in a great way). I'm not really sure if you understood what I said but you're going to have to watch to know what I mean. I don't really have such a deep insight on her or her videos, but who needs them anyway? Haha!

This video is probably the third thing I've watched from her channel, but definitely my favorite over-all:

And quotes that I actually hear myself say (well, in my head...):

"Oh my god, I'm getting distracted!"
"Okay, Tumblr! GIF, GIF, look at that GIF! Haha, GIFs are so funny!"
"Oh my god, I'm upside down."
"I accept, so I can stalk your pictures!"

Coming in second is: What Caffeine Does
Which is pretty much myself summarized in a video.

Subscribe to her on YouTube or you'll be a stinky burrito monkey!

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