Monday, September 19, 2011

Top two reasons why I like (and entered) this contest:

ONE - Satchel. Red Cambridge-Inspired Satchel, to be exact.

I've been eyeing on some candy bags recently at Greenhills but never really got the time to get my own. Satchels are so professional looking and I'm professional (sometimes) so it just has to be!! Haha! And I love red. And ugh. I'll probably be so frustrated.

TWO - Ava! She's going to be giving the prizes personally which only means that I'll get to meet her FINALLY after some time of being good virtual friends! Haha!

I was going to say that I also like the other prizes, hey they all look great too! I love accessories! But yeah, one and two top the reasons by far! She's got PARIS DREAMSFASHION GALORE and PEACHES ON TOP as sponsors (see side panel for links).

You can go ahead and celebrate with Artsy Fartsy Ava on her hundred thousandth hit and 500th follower here.

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