A Deliciously Cute Feast (and 1st Give Away Attempt)!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Nuvali Weekend Bazaars are always filled with cute surprises!
Here we have a scrumptious 'mini' Japanese Food Feast. Awwww. Such cuteness. I absolutely love miniatures! Now how I wish I had enough subscribers to give some away for this blog. So... in lieu of that. If I reach 2o subscribers by the end of the month, I will start giving away things like these! You would know I have good taste if you've been reading my blog. :)

Get at least 5 people to subscribe to me, and comment on this entry their names and I'll get some of these cute JAP FOOD key chains for you (I'm still a little poor so this is for PH Residents Only)!
To subscribe: See side panel! :-)


  1. I hate how you photograph pictures!!! Why is it soooo fabulous? Hee hee. The colors are vibrant. Very beautiful. :-)

  2. Awww.. cute! they look real!

    xx Kaye
    Fashion Blogger