Street Food Frenzy on the 15th

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Screw the calories and the oil... and possible germs and all other things! We're taking our 7th celebration to the streets!

Its' our Street Food Frenzy in Makati!

This has been planned for such a long time, and it's so awesome that we got to push it through. I was partly full because of my Nanbantei with Erika so I didn't divulge much.

 The street lights of Buendia in Bokeh, as well as the calamares of doom!

Master Kwek Kwek + Fishballs + Squid Balls! He loves balls. :)) Hahahaha.

Uy parang nasa foreign country lang! Naks! Singalaysia Truly Asia. With the highlight of the night, libreng ulam sa daan, Madame Towel Woman provocatively dancing in only a towel along the sidewalk. Hello, peepshow.

I think it was a man. I dunno, I was partly not looking when she / he opened the towel. D8 Spot her here:

We see employees so excited to go home! :)

Daniel about to munch on Tenga and BBQ! Pass the tissue!

And finally, some gulaman! :)

No need for expensive restaurants or fancy nights out. Where ever you are is where the party... and my heart is at. Naks! :)


  1. "Screw the calories and the oil… and possible germs and all other things! We’re taking our 7th celebration to the streets!" That's how life's meant to be lived!

  2. Reminds me of the time Pol and I went to the Night Market in Lipa. Hihi. :)) Street food FTW! Have you tried Betamax, Prisaw (Pritong Isaw) and Balut? Absolute faves. :))

    And I think the germs et al is what makes street food taste so... exotic? Haha. Oh well, what doesn't kill you makes you stronger ika nga.

    Hear hear to the first comment. That's how life's meant to be lived! :))

  3. BTW, you changed your interface! You already! #captainobvious

  4. D'aww. Cheers to food tripping with the loved one! :D I don't think I'll be trying Betamax or Balut again in this lifetime. :( I have my reservations about eating slabs of blood and aborted chicks. But Prisaw yes. Haha! I'm a picky street food girl. D8

    Yes da germs change the taste e! Unfortunately, it kills us... veryyy sloooowly.

  5. Haha! Well, they're not so bad. I like Betamax coz it's a cheaper alternative to Atay. :a The street food that I have yet to taste is Helmet (chicken head) and Adidas (chicken feet). Weird lang eh. Hihi.

    Yae na na pinapatay tayo nung germs paunti-unti. Mamamatay naman din tayo sooner or later. Might as well experience life. :))