30 Day Challenge - Facial Expressions

Monday, October 10, 2011

Day 4-6: Pissed Off Face | Silly Face | Bad Odor Face

Hahaha. I had a couple of takes with the pissed off face and have came to a conclusion that I will never look good pissed off. Hahahaha. I should do that less now. No. Wait. I can't. Hahaha.

Who looks good pissed off anyways?! Oh yeah...

She does.

Well... Megan (or Angelina or Lovi or Shamcey or Ximenea ... and so on and so forth) would probably look good in any facial expression. Hay life.

xx C


  1. Haha! This challenge is so funny! I could just imagine the effort to make those faces and not laugh =))

  2. Hahhaha. Buti nalang I'm always first sa office. Man if they saw me trying to do this... For sure, they'd laugh!