Realistic Ladies of Disney

Thursday, October 20, 2011

I've had a long time crush on Disney's Megara or Meg so you could only imagine my happiness when I saw this piece of art!  She's so beautiful, I'm going to cry. My attempts of knowing who the mastermind behind these wonderful works have failed, so if ever you're the artist, raise your hand and tell me please! You deserve a hug! ♥

Aurora of Sleeping Beauty

Ursula of Little Mermaid

Belle of Beauty and the Beast

Arielle of Little Mermaid

... and so on and so forth. There were a lot more, but personally, these were my favorites! The artist's version of Jasmine (of Aladdin) was also very pretty. Although, I still prefer this version: 

Princess Jasmine as photographed by Dina Goldstein

It's so today. Very girl power!
Now how about the sexy men of Disney? Warning, the link is just a wee bit NSFW. :)

xx C

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  1. The little mermaid one is the best, and I honestly didn't see the Jasmine thing coming