Make Up + Portraits: Candy Eyes

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Make Up & Photography by Cat Triviño

Candy Eyes

Eye Make Up Tools: 
Forever Eyeshadow Palette
Careline Eyeshadow Palette
Nichido Liquid and Pencil Eyeliners
Nichido Mascara

Tried to get a little creative with the little cash I had for make-up. Budget make-up, yay or nay? :)


  1. cat, i'm sorry im such a slacker on the blog comments/stalking lately. i've been super busy. anyways, i LOVE this post. that makeup looks so amazing. i'll have to try with silvers moreoften!

  2. That's def alright Stephanie!! I was a little too! Thanks so much for dropping by again! ♥

  3. reaLLy creative!!!!

    --blogwalking here ;)

  4. That's so pretty! I guess budget makeup doesn't exactly mean "bad" makeup. :D