10 Months

Thursday, December 15, 2011

I remember the day I turned two-digits (in age). I was ecstatic of all the things I could do, how turning eighteen was just eight years to go (no duh!), and how adulthood was just around the bend.

So, ten months? Yup. Ten months. Just 2 more months and it's already been a year.

Exactly a year ago, times were hard for the both of us. Parang "You and Me Against the World" ang effect. Kidding aside, it's been one hell of a ride. You really see which friends stick around when the going gets tough, and which ones listen to and believe rumor (and act like they don't know you). We've gotten OVER that. OVER the people who told us not to, and OVER the people who think we've sinned them bad.

I told a friend once that if someone is really worth it, you GO FOR IT. Rendering a person worthy should take thought and loads of considerations. If you're sure YOU yourself are going to work things out and you know HE's going to do the SAME, only then can he be considered worthy of the risk. You need someone who will always be there for you and will believe in you even when you don't believe in yourself. You need someone who trusts you down to the core with everything and anything.

"Love is when you feel good for someone, you love them more than anyone else. You just think they're the greatest people on the earth." 

I'm so thankful to have such a pogi, loving, adorable, supportive, and caring BFFL (best friend / boyfriend for life) who ALWAYS brings out the best in me, never letting me forget that 

And I will NEVER EVER EVER REGRET the day I sang "Don't Cha" "Let's get together, yeah yeah yeah"! ♥

Hi, I'm Cat Triviño and he's Daniel Anore ...
...and we're STILL proving you wrong, 10 MONTHS and counting. :p


  1. hi cat! im so happy for the two of you and may you have more ten months or years of being together. isnt that he was the guys you photographed running with a blanket or was that a towel a year ago when i first met you at ur old blog catrivino? i will never forget that photo because it was really funny and you were really having fun. and i also remember asking you who was that person and you said that it was your best friend. u

  2. Aww... This is so sweet... I'm so inggit... :(

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  3. @ Gee - Cheers!

    @ asiong32 - Thank you asiong! Wow, yeah that was a year ago, too! He wasn't the one running though. But he was one of those guys! And yes, he's my bestfriend! ♥ Hee. Haha! I'm glad you remember. :) Thanks for commenting again.

    @ Wonder Woman - Hey girl. Thanks for commenting. :) ♥ No need to be inggit! Love is for everyone. Take care!

  4. SWEEEEEET!!!! ;)

    but take things slowly my dear at wag kalimutan magtira para sa sarili :)

  5. @Agaw Agimat - Learned from the past, of course I will. :) Thanks! x

  6. Aww so sweet! more and more and more months of love for you guys! Happy! :)


  7. @ Kaye - Thank you so much! x