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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

I've been a frequent visitor of this website for a while and have been getting awesome photography tips. They teach you on portrait, landscape, and even photo basics for beginners!

I suggest you go and take a look at their site at now!

They've got:
- Posing tips for group shots
- Tips for Flash Portrait Photography
- 9 Things Photographers need to know about memory cards
- and so much more!

I'm telling you. This is photographer student heaven. :) I also hope everyone gets a chance read this article (thoroughly) to bust those PRO PHOTOGRAPHY myths of yours! Apparently, working your own time and getting lots of compliments on your photos does not and will not justify your photography level, as much as you wish to claim yourself as a pro. Surprise!

xx C

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  1. Interesting! will visit the site as well :)