Portraits + Make Up : Glamour Greens

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Yes, another make up / portraits post!

I'll talk about my tools soon. Daniel gave me a set of make up brushes which got me inspired! Still tossing and turning on whether I should take my make-up hobby seriously. Thing is, my stuff aren't branded (not that it matters to me, but those people who get into that business are required to have QUALITY tools). I can work with the cheap, local stuff. Some people think, that to achieve a great output, local and cheap make up will never do the trick.
Let this look change the way you think.

Ever Bilena Stick Foundation and Liquid Foundation
Maybelline Press Foundation
Nichido Liquid and Pencil Eyeliner, and Mascara
Ever Bilena cream lipstick
Non-branded Eyeshadow (will post a photo of this later)
Fab false eyelashes from Eyelash Diva (my BGG giveaway still running!)

There would be times that I would wish the quality would've been better. Cheap make-up may also be a bit irritating on the skin (for sensitive girls and boys) and hard to work with. I really dislike it being so glittery and shiny, too. The expensive, branded make-up are known for its matte finishes and easy use. But it just doesn't make any sense for me to buy such expensive make-up if it wouldn't really be my line of work. I'm really proud to be able to work with what I have.

Though it wouldn't hurt to be sponsored and given make-up. *hint*


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xx C


  1. Beautiful! Love the make up. simple and fresh!


  2. doesn't matter if you're using branded or not. you look really beautiful. and lovin' those false lashes! :D