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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Yes, February!!

I can't believe we're already in the second month of 2012. My life is going on hyper speed with my new job at fashion magazine, MEGA. I started two weeks ago, and so far it's been great! (It's only the daily Sta.Rosa-Ortigas-Sta.Rosa commute that kills me) There's that reason for the lack of posts.

Daniel and I planned an "anniversary shoot" (yes, we're turning a year old!) and we were so glad when Neo agreed to take our photos in his new studio. The shoot was a blast! I can't wait to have my own studio and my own design office!

Here are some photos from that shoot:

Accessories: Sunburst Pendant by Wear Mauve / Shoes: Trina Mariz Loafers by The Wow Shop

 I kept telling Neo and Daniel that I also wanted an astig/swag dancer shot. However, my girly outfit and lack of swagger wouldn't allow me. Gotta practice your fierce face, girl! So everyday, apart from the daily routine of pressing my cheeks to create dimples, I should also practice some bad girl looks with matching Mean Girl lines: "One time, she punched me in the face. It was AWESOME." Ay mali.

xx C


  1. great photo shoot! you both look awesome! and u got your own swag so go try your own dancer shot! :D

  2. Your legs are miles long! I think I can see them all the way here! Hahaha. But seriously, you guys are too adorable. Cheers on your upcoming anniversary! :)

  3. Love the photos so much!! <3


  4. Thanks, girls! Those really mean a lot! :)