Strokes of Happy

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Photoblog Sunday!

This job has tripled the products I own (haha I used to just own two or so), and has gotten me interested in the science beauty and (the ever-complicated) art of fashion. I can now almost differentiate which products and designs are "good" or "bad". Hooray for MEGA aesthetic intellect!

Majolica Majorca's latest product: The Lash King.

Meet my new kitty.
I saw her in the middle of the road, standing scared as fast cars moved past her.
I will make her fat. :)

xx C


  1. Hi Cat! =) Mark here =)

    Like your blog and followed it!

    God Bless Cat!

  2. You cat looks cute!! :)
    Nice lipsticks you got there!! I love the colors!! :)

  3. Now i miss blogging!~ :) lovely AS always cat! ;) you can borrow mi lipsticks for fashion experiments lol!~ :)

    1. Yay berber!♥ Maybe I will! :* Keep bloggin~