Philippine Fashion Week S/S 2013

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

I've started my blog posts with the word "finally" a lot of times, and the usual reason was just to... well, start it off. But for this post... with a loud exhale and my fists raised up in the air, I shout: FINALLY!

For any fashion journalist, never has there been a week more draining than the local Fashion Week. If you're not passionate about things like these, I doubt you would survive. I'M NOT KIDDING.

In contrast to (or shall I say 'juxtaposing' for a lesser run-of-the-mill term?) what I just said, here are some calm-looking photos during Philippine Fashion Week taken by yours truly.

My week warrior buddies: Elisa Aquino ( and Tin Lagula

Front row friends: Jef Fronda, myself, and (again and forever) Tin Lagula

It's best we not ask how I ended up way back here!

There are loads of beautiful photos on which I will be updating, so stay tuned. Make sure to follow us on Twitter @megastyleph for Runway Reports and more photo stories like these. :)

xx C

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