Happy Birthday, The Bag Hag!

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Last week, we celebrated Ingrid aka Miss Bag Hag's 24th birthday celebration at The Vanilla Cupcake Bakery Glorietta, Makati!

Okay, before you judge our outfits... it was an Alice in Wonderland costume party. And, because everyone was so imaginative... they came as characters that were "not mentioned" in the book or the movies... a bear, a unicorn, a blue-haired Alice, Storm?

Sarah, Aua, and Tessa

Sarah and Ram

2 MEGA Mommies: Birthday girl Ing and my boss Meryll 

I got my short hair and the blue cat ears!

Meryll's wearing YDC winner Emir's cool print pullover! I'm in love with it.

I only got a few shots cause of memory space. (Must remember to clean out my cards today!!!) Anyways, happy birthday Social Mother! I wish you more blessings, birthdays, and BAGS!

xx C

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