Website of the Week: Animated Text

Monday, December 16, 2013

This one's too good not to share. In yet another mind vacation, I've found myself drowning into the imaginary black abyss that is Tumblr and found myself an internet gem! Wait, change that. Gem mine!
Created by yet another genius graphic designer (who's maybe even high since birth) coincidentally named Cat as well,  AnimatedText boasts a following of almost 40,000 all thanks to the random crazy '90s Windows Word Art - esque 3D Text GIFs that have taken over Tumblr.
I have yet to go through everything. I'm on page 27 and have a lot of these GIFs saved for future use. Here are some of my favorites (more after the jump!):

Have any fun new websites? Share them and take our stress away! ;)
xx C

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